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969 nm 200 W Wavelength Stabilized Direct Laser Diode Module



Product Overview

EoL’s multimode single emitter based laser diode modules provide a wide range of optical output power that enables solid state laser and direct diode laser manufacturers to generate higher power with high brightness, compact size and simplified thermal management.

SVC969-200W-AX laser diode module offers up to 230 W of output power. The peak wavelength of diode laser is 969 nm and stabilized by VBG.

The modules combine new generation of high power multimode laser diodes to offer reliability at high power. The module include a optical feedback protection filter that protects the laser diodes from the feedback light from solid state laser.

Key Features

· Minimum output power 200 W at 13 A
· Narrow spectral width of 1.0 nm (max.)
· Wavelength stabilization of 969 ± 1.0 nm
· Optical feedback protection at 1030~1100 nm
· Compact fiber-coupled package


· Solid state lasers
· Direct diode lasers
· Fiber lasers
· Macro/Micro materials processing

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-SVC969-200W-AX Level 102022-11-15
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